Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crowded Shores

Lincoln Park was busy today.......wall to wall, back to back, side to side people all with the same thing in mind.....SALMON!  While this will be a big Pink Salmon year....6 million expected back in Puget Sound, these fishermen...(no not sexist...only guys were seen fishing)...seemed to be doing OK.  However some of the fishermen were fishing illegal without salmon card, or license, or with illegal gear.  A sting operation was launched by WDFW officers and a number of offenders were caught......SO BE LEGAL.

The Salmon Mob

Seal no rest area

Land Salmon


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Outriggers at Alki Beach

In a last desperate attempt to salvage something of a summer in Western Washington the State has purchased a month of Hawaiian weather for August.  The State will send all the receipts for the sale of Kona Coffee in WA to Hawaii in return for the Hawaiian weather.  On July 30 fifteen Outrigger Canoes, after a long paddle, landed at Alki Beach Park and presented the Hawaiian Weather Certificate to ecstatic West Seattle residents.
To help seal the deal, free Mai Tais were provided to the canoe crews in hopes of ensuring the blessings of all the Hawaiian deities.  I know I felt very good about the deal after my 7th Mai Tai...and everything else including the national debt.
Everything seems to be working as a rainy July 31st was followed by a sunny and warm August 1st with a 10 day forecast of sunny and 70's for Seattle.  You can bet I will be drinking lots of Kona coffee.  :)