Friday, January 29, 2016


If you are looking for Puget Sound news in this no more.  This is a break from the cold and wet Puget Sound winter for the always Summer of Kona Hawaii.  We escape to Hawaii every few years.....and come back ready to face the remainder of Winter knowing that the days are getting longer and before we know it Spring will have arrived...ya I know dream on.
The images here are ones I will look back on over the years just to jog my memory...assuming I still have one.  The trip was sponsored by my sister Pat and Gretchen.....Thanks to them!!!!   Other than as cut wrist (dumb snorkeling run in with sharp piece of lave in a small ocean swell), it all went smoothly.  Intertidal activities were rewarding even if we didn't find any first confirmed sightings on the Big Island this trip (found 3 the last trip).  The Humpback Whales were in short supply...some say they are late in arriving at the winter calving grounds of Hawaii and others say some are just not coming this year for unknown reasons.  We have had Humpback sighting in Puget Sound in January and also in Alaska which is unusual.  Happily we did see a few and were treated to good shows by the Spinner Dolphins.  Perhaps El Nino has something to do with the whale mystery or perhaps general ocean warming or food availability in Alaska and the Pacific NW.... but nobody knows for sure.

Gretchen, Debbie and Pat

Peacock Flounder

Gretchen and Debbie Hapuna




Spinner Dolphin

From the Condo


Moonset paddle