Tuesday, April 23, 2019


A large group (25) Transient Killer Whale were in the Seattle area of Puget Sound this week.  There were a number of young whales with the group.  A 39 foot male Gray Whale died this week on the Seattle waterfront.  In the greenbelt all 4 Barred Owls have left their non-nesting season perches and groves.  We have been unable to locate the nesting area.  Cooper' Hawks have been seen and heard but are not nesting yet.

Spring Oyster Mushrooms have been plentiful in the greenbelt and are providing lots of good meals.....along with some Morels that came up in Gretchen's garden.   Northern Alligator Lizards are coming out to sun on the rocks....if there is any Sun.  March saw temps in the 70's but nothing more than 60 for April with lots of clouds and some rain.  Introduced Grove Snails are active especially in one small Cottonwood tree where almost all of the snails have be seen.  They are great climbers....unfortunately they are not native.  A Bushtit nest was found in the process of being built.   The Keyhole Limpet population on local beach has exploded due to lack of Sea Star predators following the major Sea Star die-off which began in 2013.  Locally some recovery of Purple Stars has been observed and a survey will be completed later this month for Constellation Marine Reserve in West Seattle.  

Five Bald Eagle Juveniles were on Alki Beach feeding together on crab.  Crows were anting in Greenbelt, one Lizard was out and one Bunny.