Monday, May 16, 2011


Images only - will do more text...(who cares?) later when I'm sure the host is stable.
Brooding Anemone

Amphipod (Noelle Congdon photo)

Aggregate Anemone

Bryozoan on kelp

Geoduck siphons

Hairy Crab (Noelle Congdon photo)

Jackknief Clam

Flattop Crab

Piddock siphons

Lined Chiton

Mottled Anemone

Sharpnose Crab

Moon Snail with Horse Clam prey

Nudibranch eggs

Moonglow Anemone


Second Try

My original blog was deleted because of some system problems....not mine, host.  So this is the second and last attempt a producing a blog with this host.