Sunday, May 22, 2011

The High Cost of Plankton

Just a short note on plankton. The book "The Fertile Fjord" 1983, by Richard Strickland is the one you want to get your hands on if you are interested in this subject. Of course it's out of print but you can get a new copy from Amazon for a mere $261, or used for $35. Little too pricy? How about FREE? Washington Sea Grant has placed the entire text on line, WAY To Go! Link to WSG on this blog. Lots of other great stuff on WSG site.

Additional Out of  Print  Books Recommended:
Southeast Alaska's Rocky Shores - Animals  O'Clair and O'Clair, out of print, EXPENSIVE
Pacific Seashores  Carefoot - out of print, but available for reasonable price.

More later on Plankton.

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