Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A common question from beach goers is, "What does it eat?"  To answer that question often takes a lot of background knowledge on the individual species, but a general answer covering the type of animal and its group often will be sufficient.  Most people, unless they are brain addled, usually don't want long pontificating lectures when they are trying to have fun at the beach. 
So you won't get one here, unless you really want to dig in and pick up some basic information on Feeding Adaptations of Marine Animals.  Also thrown in (or out if you like) is a short (not short enough) presentation on Seasons....no pictures just text...so be forewarned.
FEEDING ADAPTATIONS OF MARINE ANIMALS AND SEASONS can be found under BUZZ LINKS as usual.    Oh yeah, the image has nothing to do with the blog...I just like it.  :)

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