Saturday, June 4, 2011


June 4/5 weekend with sunny and 70's forecast with a good low tide.  Does it get any better? but you don't have to wait for the good low tide to do some fun exploring at the beach.  At a very modest low tide there are always the HIGH GUYS to keep the beach goer involved.  It's not often that you see people poking around in the high intertidal looking for marine life, but of course it's there.  Most of the critters will be bring your reading glasses, or a magnifying lens or you will miss some great stuff.
The images below all came from the high intertidal rocks on the north side of Alki....close to lots of good eating places and coffee houses....perfect!

Aggregate Anemone

Finger Limpets
Mossy Chiton

Checkered Periwinkle

Emarginate Whelk

Mossy Chiton


Checkered Periwinkles

Leather Limpet

Leather Limpets

Emarginate Whelk

Turkish Washcloth red seaweed

Young Rockweed
Rockweed Isopods
Thatched Barnacle

Ribbon Worm

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