Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sashimi for Lunch

While I've posted lots of Osprey images on the blog, I'm going to be redundant and post a few more.
The Osprey is a rather unique bird, in its own family, mainly a fish eater, but will take other prey on occasion.  Males are stuck with feeding the female during courtship and incubation as well as doing some of the incubation.  Not a bad deal if you are a female.  Once the eggs hatch the young are fed regurgitated food for the first few weeks....brought by the male.  Ospreys are usually seen flying in a pattern over the water at a height of 30 to 100 feet looking for fish which they capture by plunge diving feet first.  However, at Alki beach in Seattle there is at least one Osprey that prefers to stand on a lamp post and survey the water for potential meals.  If the bird starts bobbing its head from side to side you can bet a fish has been observed and often this is a signal that flight is eminent.  The images here are form Alki beach of that bird having lunch today 6-22-11.  Sushi Forever!
Off to hunt

Great catch


Ah, Sashimi


always a pest

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