Friday, February 3, 2012

Birds of Winter

I'm back......gee time flies.....seems like only yesterday we were calling today, tomorrow.
Fall road trip to the southwest distracted me from Puget Sound stuff (I highly recommend the Balloon Festival in New Mexico).  And since I've been back I notice things this winter are rather quiet compared to last. Fewer winter birds in Seattle area and fewer sea lions. Sea lions are turning up dead with bullet holes in them.....and no arrests.
So it's me off to Nisqually NWR and Skagit Delta and Boundary Bay B.C. for some winter bird watching. Nisqually was great during the chum salmon run on the river earlier with Bald Eagles in large numbers....50+ on the reserve....that has cooled off now and most eagles have moved on.
Skagit Delta trips turned up lots of Swans, and Snow Geese as expected as well as a very cooperative Short-eared Owl. Boundary Bay B.C (take your passport), produced lots of Snowy Owls but very poor viewing weather with high wind and sideways rain.....but well worth the drive in any weather
Paria Canyon

Balloon Festival New Mexico

Learning to weave....I do it all over the highway so how hard can it be?

Bristle Cone Pine....older than me.

Alabama Hills and Mt. Whitney
Northern Harrier Female

Short-eared Owl

Skagit Delta

Short-eared Owl

Snow Geese

Snowy Owl

Bald Eagle

Red-winged Blackbird sign of Spring

Snowy Owls

Snow Geese
Hooded Merganser

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