Friday, August 10, 2012

Last Good Low Tides of Summer

The beginning of August saw the last good low tides of the summer of 2012 in Seattle.  Next good low tides will have to wait until November...and they will come at night...with the new moon, so it will be quite dark....and likely wet.
The last good tide series did turn up some interesting critters....Giant Pacific Octopus, a solitary translucent tunicate (sea squirt) and a rather unusual color Black-clawed Crab that forgot to live up to its name, a number of Spinyhead Sculpin males guarding eggs, a juvenile C-O Sole (really a flounder), Bryozoan colony and a strange cluster of Butter Clams lying on the surface.
Finally a very laid back Bald Eagle and some summer scenery from Alki Beach.  Hope you are all enjoying summer as much as we are..... or winter for you down south of the equator.

Black-clawed Crab

Giant Pacific Octopus

Spinyhead Sculpin Male with eggs

Juv. C-O Sole

Bryozoan on Kelp

Butter Clams

Anchor Park Sunset - Alki

Alki Sunset

A better place to read

Laid back Bald Eagle

Morning Fog Seattle

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