Monday, December 24, 2012

Escape from Puget Sound

We have escaped from Puget Sound winter rain and headquartered in Kona Hawaii till mid January....  Tidepooling, snorkeling, boogie boarding, hiking and volcano the images attest:
Yellow Coronetfish

Top Snail

Corrugated Liomera

Money Cowry

Sheriff Badge Star

Shore Crab

Umbrella Sea Slug first confirmed sighting on Big Island Hawaii by Gretchen Frankenstein 12/12


Blue Suberites Sponge

Tide Pool

Green Sea Turtle

Rock Boring Urchin

Warty Sea Cucumber

Oblong Urchin

White Speckled Sea Hare

Tide Pools Kona

Helmet Urchin

Liomera Crab

Kona Tidepools and Gretchen

Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Iki Crater

Sea Cucumber Cuvarian tubes

Black Brittle Star

Crab unk sp.

Eggs unk sp.

Sea Slug (1st confirmed sighting on Big Island)

Sheriff Badge Sea Star

Spinner Dolphins


Kilauea  Volcano

Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Volcano

Spotted Boxfish

Juv. Rockmover Wrasse


Trigger fish and Parrot fish

Parrot Fish
Yellow Coronet Fish

Spotted Boxfish
Yellow tail Coris and Butterfly fish

Needle fish

Spotted Boxfish

Yellow Coronet Fish
Delta Trike

Our Condo and Magic Sands Beach Kona from Trike

Trike off 2 Step Beach 
Kona Tide Pools

Kona Tide Pools

Raccoon Butterfly Fish

Kona Surf

Kona Coral Reef




Kira - daughter


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