Monday, May 27, 2013

Magnolia Beach Memorial Day

Memorial Day dawned with a rosy pink sunrise......and a looming front of wet sky to the West.  Magnolia beach just South of Discovery Park is a vast expanse of sand, with patches of small rocks covered with kelp and eelgrass beds.  A few large rocks and high intertidal cobble provide additional habitat for animals needing hard attachment points.  The collection of images below is a sample of animals, seaweed and sea grass commonly found at Magnolia Beach at low tide.....
Thanks to all the hardy folks that spent two hours of their holiday standing in the rain making Gretchen and me feel useful.

Moon Snail goes from one Sandy habitat to another.

Helmet Crab

Jackknife Clam

Lacuna Snail with egg case

Sculpin eggs on seaweed


River Otter

Juvenile Red Rock Crab

Penpoint Gunnel

Piddock Clam from clay

Piddock clam burrow in clay

Graceful Decorator Crab

Bubble Shell snail and egg case

Purple Sea Stars

Tidepool Sculpin

Bering Hermit Crab

Crescent Gunnel

Heart Cockle

Northern Kelp Crab with eggs

Rockweed Isopods


Northern Clingfish

Mottled Sea Star

Mottled Sea Anemone

Moon Snail

Lined Chiton

Hairy Hermit Crab

Horse Clam siphon

Northern Kelp Crab

Geoduck siphon

Great Blue Heron

Frilled Whelks with egg cases

Frilled Whelk egg cases

False Jingle Shell

Bald Eagle

Mating Dungeness Crabs in Wireweed

Piddock Clam Siphons

Brooding Anemone

Plumose Anemones

Plumose Anemone

Bull Kelp spore patch


Fish eggs on Eelgrass




Sugar Kelp

Sugar Kelp

Wireweed - Sargassum

Sitka Shrimp

Eelgrass Isopods

Thatched Barnacle

Pill Bug Isopods

Plumose Anemone

Feather Duster Tube Worm

Feather Duster worm out of tube

Ribbon Worm

Lacuna Snails on Eelgrass

Burrowing Sea Cucumber

Calcareous Tube Worms

Calcareous Tube Worm

Rockweed Isopods

C-O Sole on Wireweed

Black Clawed Crab on Sea Lettuce 

Barnacles and Limpets

Black Clawed Crab female with eggs

Sunflower Star

Moon Snail egg case (sand collar) about 300,000 eggs

Graceful Cancer Crab

Aggregate Anemone

Sea Pen

Sea Pen Retracted

Shore Crabs

Geoduck siphon
Leather Limpet

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