Monday, August 19, 2013


This Fall the seawall at Seahurst Park beach will be removed and the upper beach returned to a natural state.
This has already been done on the South end of the beach.  Removal of the seawall will benefit the marine life that utilizes the near shore area.  Habitat will be returned to a more natural state that will benefit various species of fish as well as invertebrates.  Seawall construction in Puget Sound in one of the major causes of loss of habitat for marine can protect your property and in the process damage and destroy the property of native species.  Interestingly it seems only the rich, and clueless government agencies build seawalls, ( Enlightened City of Burien is removing previous administration mistake)....Live near the sea and wall it off.....brilliant.
On August 19th Seattle Aquarium Beach Naturalists, City of Burien, ESC Burien personnel moved a large number (thousands), of invertebrate animals from the North to the South end of the beach in hopes that they will have a greater chance of survival when the disruption of the North beach habitat takes place during the removal of the seawall.
The images below are of that extensive moving operation.  Thanks to all the volunteers.  In time the new North beach area will recover its species diversity and more, just as the South end has done since the seawall in that section was removed a few years ago.  BACK TO NATURE.

Sandworm Nephtys spp.
The bucket crew

 interpretation also
 Strange one rayed Purple Stars
Woody Chiton

 Black-clawed Crab
 Counting Station
Signing in ....Twice



The last bucket

 one more bucket
the media
 the detailed insturctions

 Sand Dollar relocation

 Shore Crabs everywhere
 2718 Periwinkles and counting
 The Wall
 back breaking work

 Purple Stars
 More Purple Stars
 Counting up the totals
 oops dropped one
Young Plainfin Midshipmen not relocated

Ready to leave the nest...not relocated

 Lion Nudibranch
 No big rock removal
You're doing what??  You must be kidding!

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