Sunday, May 17, 2015


Another lovely day at the beach......lovely brownies.  One unusual find was the sea slug Dendronotus iris (2) which is normally found sub-tidally where it feeds on the burrowing anemone  Pachycerianthus fimbriatus.  A count of Pisaster o. on the south side of the breakwater just south of the park turned up 92 healthy and 1 sick star.  Most of these stars were very close in size...with a few exceptions.  This compares to a count of 38 healthy Purple Stars in the same area a month ago so there has been some in migration to the breakwater or I can't count worth a damn.  In other areas of the beach...mostly the north end, there were 4 Purple Stars with SSWD.  No count of stars in the entire park was made. Lots of Moon Snail egg cases and a few easily found Moon Snails.  Thanks to all the Beach Naturalists.  This week will see a couple more days of good minus tides.

Purple Star with SSWD North end CMR

Purple Star with SSWD North end CMR

Healthy Purple Stars Breakwater

Dendronotus iris (2 found)

Piddock Clam

South Side Breakwater 92 healthy 1 diseased Purple Star

Keyhole Limpets on Breakwater

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