Tuesday, June 2, 2015


A count of Pisaster o. was done 6-2-15 on the south side of the breakwater just south of Constellation Marine Reserve West Seattle.  A total of 95 Pisaster o. were observed and all appeared healthy.  This compares to a count of 92 healthy and 1 sick Pisaster o. done for the same area on May 17th 2015.  So there appears to be little change in the number or health of the stars on the south side of the breakwater.  In 2014 over 90% of the observed Pisaster o. on the breakwater were suffering with SSWD.  So today's count gives us some hope that for this specific area we may be seeing the end of SSWD.....but that remains to be seen as summer progresses.
An attempt was made to count Pisaster o.  under the condos on pilings but tidal and wind conditions made that impossible.  In May a number of large Pisaster o. were seen on the pilings but a count was not conducted.

South side of breakwater south of CMR

Purple stars on breakwater

Purple star on condo piling
Condos south of CMR West Seattle

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