Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The Whale Trail will present 3 lectures in Washington State by Erich Hoyt.  Dr. Hoyt is author of books on subjects ranging from deep ocean creatures, ants to whales.  His lecture schedule can be found on The Whale Trail website:
On Saturday Dr. Hoyt presented his lecture on Creatures of the Deep, from his book of the same title, on Saturna Island in British Columbia, Canada.
Saturna Island residents filled the hall for the presentation....and that meant many of the island's population of 305 were in the same location at one time. Saturna Island is one of the Southern Gulf Islands located just west, north and east of the U.S.A. Canadian border.  Yes I did mean west, north and east of the U.S.A.  If you are confused by this location just look at a map that inculdes the U.S. San Juan Islands along with Saturna.  Saturna is located on the west side of Georgia Strait as its location guarantees abundant marine life can be found in its waters.
Orca whales pass close to the southern shore of the island when Chinook salmon are returning to the Fraser River.  East Point is a common spot for Orca watchers to gather for a close up view as the whales pass. 
Many thanks to: SIMRES who hosted Erich's presentation for The Whale Trail, and treated The Whale Trail staff royally. SIMRES is a volunteer, non-profit organization bringing marine research and educational programs to Saturna Island. We encourage science and stewardship for a deeper understanding of our fragile marine ecosystem.
A special thanks to Jude and Marueen for a wonderful stay on Saturna Island.
Gretchen at East Point Saturna Is.

Black Oystercatcher Saturna Is.

East Point Saturna Island

Mt. Baker form Saturna Island

Hippo rock with fish Saturna Is.

East Point Saturna Island

East Point Saturna Is..

Sunrise from Saturna Island

B.C. Ferry to Saturna Island

Near Boat Pass Saturna Is.

Boat Pass Saturna Island

Saturna Island ferry dock - Great Pub here.

Orcas near Saturna Island

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