Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Another good low tide day at Alki Beach in West Seattle.  Additional animal images posted here with more egg laying going on.  Smoothhead Sculpins and possible Tidepool Sculpins.  One Moon Snail, the vanguard of what will be an assault on the beach within a few weeks of hordes of egg laying snails.

And one very unusual animal found at Alki that was evidently practicing for the Summer Olympics Woman's Diving Team....looks in good form. Brant Geese continue to move through in large numbers, sharing the beach with Black Turnstones. Tomorrow is the end of the good low tides until the next full moon on May 5th.

Aggregate Anemone

Tidepool or Smoothhead Sculpin (likely male in breeding colors)

Moon Snail - vanguard of mob to follow in coming weeks to lay eggs intertidally

Smoothhead Sculpin male guarding eggs of many females

Smoothhead Sculpin guarding eggs

Tidepool Alki 4-10-12

Lady Beetle preparing for Woman's Olympic Diving Team

Rather beat up Northern Kelp Crab in terminal molt

Red Rock Crab burrowing in sand

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