Friday, April 13, 2012

Tongue Point and Salt Creek Recreational Area

In a previous post I covered some aspects of Tongue Point and Salt Creek Recreational Area.  Well it's that time again to plan a trip.  Gretchen (cute wife) and I will be camping at Salt Creek R.A. June 3rd and 4th and exploring Tongue Point Marine Reserve on two of the best low tides of 2012, both a minus 3ft. on the 4th and 5th of June.  Salt Creek R.A. has a large Clallam County campground and this time of year it fills up.  Reservations can be made in advance for campsites by mail and forms can be downloaded online..just search for Salt Creek Recreational Area on Google and get the forms and information.  Campsites are $20 or $22 per night depending on type...and there is a $7 registration fee.  Salt Creek R.A. is 12 miles west of Port Angeles, WA.  The tide pools are some of the best on the coast and the area is beautiful.  A side trip to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park is an easy drive from Salt Creek.  Additional areas well worth the time include the outer coast beaches at La Push (2nd and 3rd beach), and Cape Flattery trail at Neah Bay, WA. 
You can see images from Tongue Point trip of 2011 in the previous post "Tongue Point"

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