Friday, July 5, 2013


Another modest low tide in Seattle made going to the beach a colorful experience.  Among the more colorful included an orange/pink flatworm, blue siphon entry Gaper Clams, and a shocking green mouth of a Moonglow Anemone.....more flatworms, anemones eating barnacles, Purple Sea Stars with an extra ray,
and a young colony of Bryozoans....all this for just an hours time poking around on a beach.

Aggregate Anemone eating barnacle molt (Nothing goes to waste)

Black-clawed Crab interesting color (color in Black-clawed Crabs is highly variable)

Another strange color Black-clawed Crab

Black-clawed Crab with eggs (most females will have eggs in during spring/summer season)

Flatworm - unusual pink/orange color - Species unk

Pacific Gaper Clam

Pacific Gaper Clam meeting

Moonglow Anemone showing long column (up to 8 inches long)

Moonglow Anemone (green color not associated with symbiotic algae, as it has none)

Young Bryozoan colony

Scale Worm - unk species

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