Sunday, July 7, 2013

More Holiday Images from Alki Beach

Fine weather and a modest low tide series made trips to the beach almost a requirement for me......never found a reason not to go....

Acorn Barnacles showing great plasticity in growth form, in some circumstances they may produce house 6 or more inches long

Arctic Nestler clam attaches to rocks with byssus threads (few clams have byssus threads)
 (.4 cm)

Aggregate Anemone dividing

Tiny Chiton; perhaps Fernald's Baby Chiton
Found high intertidal in Rockweed habitat

Flatworm and eggs on Sand Collar

Fried-egg Jellyfish


Leather Limpet

Limpet with shell covered with barnacles

Moon Snail and Sand Collar

Mottled Anemone - tolerates contact with other anemones-does not form clones


Black-clawed Crab

Detritus and Sea Foam

Hermit Crab fight

Moon Snail laying eggs

Young Bryozoan colony

Piddock Calm

Purple Sea Star sieve plate
Amphipod (beach hopper)

Emarginated Whelk egg capsules

Heart Cockle siphon

Piddock Clams

Moon Jellyfish

Mossy Chiton

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