Friday, October 16, 2015


October 16th is not a day you would expect 70 degree temperatures at Sunrise Park at Mt. Rainier N.P.   But that's just what is was.  We had expected much cooler temp. at 7,000 feet so in a great oversight we brought no beer for lunch.  Some of us even brought no water.  Luckily the hike is only 5.6 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 800 feet...this is a little misleading since there is some up and down that likely makes the elevation gain and loss more than 800 feet, but it's still a rather easy hike.  The hike is in sub alpine and alpine mostly above treeline.  Views of Mt. Rainier are very close and jaw dropping.  On the way to the lookout we passed Frozen Lake (not frozen) which is the water supply for Sunrise facility.  Due to a low snow pack and very dry, hot summer the lake level is very low.  Within a 1/4 mile of the lookout we spotted a group of 14 Mountain Goats just below the trail so we plopped down and had lunch there completely passing on the short hike over to the lookout.  The goats were resting in the meadow but quickly rushed off  when something disturbed them...not humans.
They soon settled down again allowing another session on goat watching.   Again I have posted another non-marine item....well my excuse is "it's in the Puget Sound watershed".

Noelle and Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier and Burrows Mt.

Mt. Goats

Noelle on Fremont lookout trail

Noelle and Fremont Lookout trail

Mt. Goats

Mt. Goats

Fremont Lookout

Mt. Goats

Mt. Goats
What happens to a Pepsi bottle when it moves down from 7,000 feet to sea level

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