Monday, August 7, 2017


The first Harbor Seal pup of the 2017 season rested on the beach at Lincoln Park on Sunday August 6th.  The pup "Beethoven" may have been recently weaned (weaning is 4-6 weeks after birth and pup in on its own after that).  Beethoven chose a very busy spot to rest...very close to the walking/biking bath along the shoreline.  Beethoven appears to be a little thin so hopefully will fatten up on bait fish in the area.  Pink Salmon are also around but Beethoven likely is not very good at catching that kind of meal....later.
Beethoven was spotted on the beach about 3:30pm and returned to the water around 8pm.  Please give all resting seals a wide berth..100 yards if possible as they require about 12 hours of rest per 24.  Loss of resting time for seal pups can greatly increase the chances that they will not survive the first year of life.
Seal Sitters monitors pups on the beach to ensure they have the best chance to rest.  If you see a seal on the beach in West Seattle please contact Seal Sitters at 206-905-SEAL. 

Beethoven's choppers

A very smoky day in Seattle

Smoke produces orange sun

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