Tuesday, August 22, 2017


It was good planning for Mother Nature to place the path of totality across the high Oregon desert in August when it almost never is cloudy.....however there is often a haze in the air due to forest fires. That was the situation in the weeks before the eclipse date but the wind changed direction and moved the smoke out of the area.  We headed down from Seattle to Warm Spring OR on the 19th and had very little road traffic to deal with....the same held true for the trip home after the eclipse.  I feel very lucky as many people were caught in massive traffic jams both coming and going.  Thanks to friends we had a place to stay 50 north of the path of totality.

The images below will hopefully give you an idea of what we experienced.....my advice..never miss a chance to see a Total Eclipse of the Sun.

Viewing spot for eclipse at Warm Springs Kah-nee-ta


Partial beginning

Instant that totality was over

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